In a desperate attempt to understand her identity, Julia visits Lebanon for the first time. 

Her last night in town is spent with her cousin Hawa, a Beirut local, who has had enough of listening to Julia's infatuation with the country. When a power outage strikes and the building generator breaks down, the two girls are forced to endure the humidity of this summer night. 
The two finally begin to connect but once an idea about revisiting the past is revealed, things get a little complicated. 

Our House is a look at the complex dynamics of families separated by war, identity and intergenerational trauma. 

Written by Jessica Damouni

[2F, 40 mins]

  • Staged reading at Soapbox Gallery - June 2019

  • Workshop production at The Player's Theatre - May 2019

  • Staged reading at Drama Bookshop - December 2018

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